screenshot on Apple Watch 4

Taking screenshots on smartphones and tablets is an indispensable feature for many users. Did you know that you can use the same feature on Apple Watch? Apple’s smart watch Apple Watch, Series 4 with a larger screen brings us together. Did you know that the device can also take screenshots until now? It is possible to take a screenshot of the watch directly when you see a detail on your watch screen, not to forget it or simply take your phone and take a screenshot. Opening and using this feature is very simple.

screenshot on Apple Watch

Saving screenshots on the Apple Watch screen

First of all, you need to make screenshots on Apple Watch ”available Öncelikle. To do so, just follow the steps in General> Enable Screen Image in the Settings section of the Watch application on your phone. Once you have activated screenshot reception, you can now save the screen on your watch.

Apple Watch 4

To save the time display, you must press the Digital Crown and the side button just below it. Unfortunately, you cannot manage this screenshot. You’ll understand that you still need the phone to view or share the screenshot saved in the Photos app on your phone. However, you can share with your friends the details of how close you are to your daily activity goal, your current heart rhythm or an important notice and similar details.

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4

Tips for making better use of Apple Watch

Apple Watch, an ambitious model in the smart watch market, offers advanced features for users. We have compiled the features of the clock and how they are used. Developing the latest smart watch experience with Series 4, Apple Watch provides users with detailed data and measurements, especially in health and sports. Apple Watch, which can measure heart rhythm during the day as your personal coach, while you can not access the phone to make your life easier by searching does not neglect. It offers different training options for sports enthusiasts and can also be used for swimming exercises.

On the other hand, Emergency SOS, which is one of the most important features, is the savior in difficult moments. But how do you use these features of Apple Watch, which is overflowing with features? Let’s take a look briefly.

Apple Watch 4 Heart rate

You can simply display your heart rate in four steps. First you need to open the Heart Rate application. You should then wait for the clock to allow the clock to measure your heart rhythm. If you scroll down the screen while viewing the measurements, you can view your heart rate while you’re listening, scroll down again and view your average as you walk.

Apple Watch Activity Quiz Launch

With Apple Watch you can challenge your friends. To launch an activity race, select the friend you want to challenge by sliding the screen to the left after opening the Activity app. You can then select the Race option by scrolling down.

Apple Watch 4 Making a Call

It’s easy to search with Apple Watch. After bringing the clock closer to your mouth, just ask Siri to call someone in your guide. If you want to turn up the sound, you can also reach the ideal volume by rotating the Digital Crown.

Apple Watch 4 Training start

To use Apple Watch’s advanced activity tracking features, you need to open the Training app. Just touch the 3-point mark on the corner of the workout that you selected to set a goal, or touch the training to get started right away. You can select the option to end the workout by sliding the screen to the right. To view the summary, you need to scroll down the screen.

Apple Watch Emergency SOS use

This feature is especially important in difficult situations is life-saving. To activate emergency SOS use, hold down the side button under the Digital Crown and select Emergency SOS to scroll and select the call. You can make emergency arrangements through the Health app.

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