Back to Roots's Water Garden

Fish are not so easy to care for our little friends, who are claimed to be at peace in the “pet cat” category. However, it is possible to place the system in a natural balance with the self-cleaning decorative aquarium Water Garden.

The aquarium care is a challenge that requires special attention and it is not so easy, alas. It is a process that requires attention to create a space where fish can live and keep it organized. The design team Back to Roots has both decorative and natural solutions. Back to Roots’s closed-door keystone lies in plants that are placed on top of the aquarium. In this closed loop, the aquarium water is also cleaned as the fish’s wastes turn into fertilizer for plants.

According to the designers, it is not necessary to clean the aquarium separately. All you have to do is feed your fish at regular intervals. The rest is getting done in a closed loop. You can even grow your own mini tomatoes with a water tank on which you can plant your favorite plant. Back to Roots’s Water Garden is on sale with a price tag of $ 96.

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