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Epic Games unveils new free Batman games to delight PC players. 6 Batman game is waiting for you in the library.

Epic Games has devoted its weekly free game distribution to Batman games in honor of its 80th anniversary this week. The company brings together six different games of Batman and invites the players to the Black Knight’s adventure. Games are divided into 3 + 3.

You can have a total of $ 99 worth of Arkham collection including Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight and LEGO Batman worth $ 99 including The Videogame, DC Super Heroes and Beyond Gotham. Arkham series is one of the most successful series of superheroes in general, not only Batman’s specialty. Black Knight fans should definitely take a look at the games. The LEGO trilogy appeals to those who are fond of a little more fun. You can have fun with the series which is suitable for players of all ages.

Get free Batman games at Epic Games

The steps to obtain the games are simple. After logging into the Epic Games store with your account, you can view the free games of the week by entering the Store tab. Batman games you receive in 3-pack. So if you have added the Arkham series to your library first, then you have to go back and add the LEGO series separately. Then download the games you can embark on an adventure.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the games are free until September 26th. During this time you can add them to your library and play them later. On September 26, Metro 2033 Redux and Everything will be available free of charge.

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