Ember Travel Mug 2

If you can’t make coffee without running around during the day, Ember Travel Mug 2 offers the smart thermos alternative that keeps your coffee at the ideal temperature.

If it is difficult to start the day without coffee and even focus on work, one of the indispensable accessories in your life may be the thermos. If you prepare your coffee and carry it with you in the morning before leaving the house in the morning and do not intend to consume the coffee immediately, the first problem you may experience is that the coffee slowly cools down depending on the quality of the thermos.

Ember Travel Mug 2 helps you to solve this problem because thermos is mindful, as is the case with almost every product that is wise in our lives. Because you can keep your coffee at the temperature you want with this thermos. So you can consume your coffee in the ideal spot without being too hot or too cold.

Smart thermos Ember Travel Mug 2 offers the ideal solution for coffee enthusiasts

In the first place, the Ember Travel Mug 2 is no different from a standard thermos. The model comes with a black matt body and offers an area of ​​355 ml. The lid is designed specifically for leaks and the difference lies in its smart features.

The LED lights on the body of the device with touchpad help you adjust the temperature of your coffee and show the current temperature. In addition, you can make this adjustment with the smartphone application, you can create predefined profiles. You can change the color of the LED lights and write your name on the thermos. It also makes it easy to measure the amount of caffeine you receive with the application. The charger comes with a stand for up to 3 hours. The thermos will appeal to coffee lovers and with its smart features, it raises its price a bit. The model’s retail price is $149.95.