Sony is stepping up

Sony is stepping up:

PlayStation Plus not only gives players access to the online mode of numerous games, but also receives two new free games from Sony every month. With the switch to the PlayStation 5, the subscription service will be even better, because it will be given a new feature that is supposed to protect against unnecessary frustration.

PlayStation Plus: On the PS5 with a new help mode

In mid-October, Sony revealed one of the final secrets of the PlayStation 5 and presented the console’s new user interface in detail. Not only were cosmetic changes presented, but new functions were also presented. One of them should play trophy hunters and completionists in particular.

From now on, players can use the “Activities” function to see at any time which tasks of a level they have already completed, how long it will take to complete the complete list and which quests are still open. Much more important, however: If you don’t know what to do next – and you really bite your teeth in one place – you can use the “Game Help” function to see how the task should be solved – without any spoilers!

In the official video you can see the new feature in action from 04:10 minutes:

PlayStation 5: user interface with new functions

Gone are the days of grabbing your smartphone and looking for suitable Let’s Plays that show you how to progress in the game. But there is a catch – the offer is only available to customers of Sony’s “PlayStation Plus” subscription service.

Game Help for the PS5: For now only for selected games

In the video, Sony announced that the feature will not be available for all PS5 games, but will be limited to selected games. However, if the players use the new function in a row, it can be assumed that more developers will also integrate the “Game Help” function into their games. At the start of the PS5, however, Sony’s in-house productions are likely to support the new feature.

You can look forward to these games for the PlayStation 5:

For PlayStation Plus customers it is definitely a nice bonus at the end of the day that doesn’t cost them a cent and makes their subscription even better. Let’s see if Sony conjures up even more exclusive features for PS Plus subscribers in the future.

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