Sony Playstation 5 game console prototype

A developer version of the Sony PlayStation 5, a new generation of game consoles, is expected to clarify the design.

According to a statement last week, the Sony PlayStation 5, which will be officially released by the end of 2020, is among the most curious products in the recent period. So how will the next generation game console look? A developer version of the leak may have given the answer. We’re saying it might be here because it’s not 100% certain for this design yet. But Sony, who has previously patented this design, seems to be seriously introducing the new model with this interesting design below. Developer versions are always different from normal (it was for PS4), but the patent is confusing. The final version is so thick and unlikely to be large, however, it is basically the impression that it will adopt this V-shaped body design. Of course, the “inner beauty” of the console is more important than its design. Nevertheless, people always want to wait for a product to stand under their TV or on their desks.

More important technical details for PlayStation 5

For the sake of recall, the next-generation gaming console is powered by an eight-core processor based on AMD’s 3rd generation Zen architecture. Using the AMD-signed Radeon Navi family on the graphics side, the PS5 standardizes 4K gameplay and delivers 8K. Ray tracing support, which will survive the era of light effects, is among the details that draw attention to the console, said it will bring serious innovations in sound. A dedicated AMD audio chip is said to be available on the console. With the high-speed SSD storage, the console will be able to load a lot of games, but in a series of repeated details. The version, which is 4 times more powerful than the PlayStation 4, is similar to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 in terms of graphics power.

In the meantime, there is some information about Dualshock 5 from Sony. The new controller will provide much better feedback with apt haptic feedback ılıy. It is said that even the smallest details can be felt on the vibration. In addition, R2 and L2 on the controller will be adaptive tectonic keys are also official statements. It is said that infrastructure is being established in which game developers can change the resistance of these trigger keys, depending on the situation. In addition, the PlayStation 5 will be released between $450.00 – $500.00.

Sony Playstation 5 game console (prototype)

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