SpaceX Falcon Heavy

The exclusive space company SpaceX Falcon Heavy is preparing to make its first commercial take off with today’s most powerful rocket.

On the evening of February 6, 2018, the Falcon Heavy departure, which was watched by millions of people at the same time, was a great historical achievement for all human beings. The strongest rocket in our day, which amazed millions of people that evening, is now preparing to write a history. On April 12, 04: 35, Falcon Heavy was the first commercial departure. This will be from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. If there is no problem with the take-off, the Arabsat-6A satellite will be lowered into the low earth orbit of the Falcon Heavy. The main driving rocket in the center “Of Course I Still Love You” will be tried to be downloaded vertically to the drone ship.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Landing

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SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is a really powerful rocket

Heavy, carrying 27 Merlin 1D engines, brings together three Falcon 9s. The rocket, which is the most powerful of today with its 5 million pound thrust force produced on departure, experienced a single negativity during the first test process in 2018. The Falcon 9, which was used in firing, failed to land vertically on the sea platform. The other two Falcon 9s had made a really great synchronized landing. You can watch the first commercial task live through the video below.

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