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Chess is one of the oldest games. Nowadays, we can play chess in the computer environment and then on our smartphones to computer or virtual competitors. However, the enjoyment of the game at the head of a chessboard is completely different. Developed as a Kickstarter project, the Square Off smart chess set aims to give the user this pleasure by moving the moves on the application on a physical chessboard.

You can play against the virtual intelligence system or an online opponent with the Square Off chess set, which allows chess enthusiasts to play on the chessboard as if they were a real opponent.

In Square Off smart chess system, the opponent’s stones are moving by the command through the application. Behind the system is a two-axis robot arm. A magnetic head connected to this arm makes the chess pieces move. The system is programmed to move around each other so that the stones do not collide with each other.

Square Off chess set with artificial intelligence support 1

All these technological features are under a classic look to suit the chess game. The Square Off smart chess set consists of a rosewood board and handmade stones produced using rosewood and maple material.

The smart chess set’s 2,200 mAh battery allows up to 400 automatic moves. The smart chessboard can connect to devices with iOS and Android systems via Bluetooth via the Square Off app.

Kickstarter, which exceeds the target of 40,000 USD for the realization of the project, has reached 142,000 USD. For those who want to have a smart chess set up for the Square Off, you’ll need to overlook a standard set of $ 369 and a $ 440 budget for the larger set.

Square Off chess set with artificial intelligence support 2
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