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Star Wars Drones


Licensed Star Wars Drones

When Drone Madness first started, we all had the same thing in mind: blowing up the Millennium Falcon or TIE Fighter versions of these tiny pale devices. We still haven’t figured out why it took so long, but finally, the licensed Propel drones were released.

The drones produced with the partnership of the British toy manufacturer Propel and Star Wars come from very far away galaxies into our palms. The drones with the Millennium Falcon, TIE Advanced, Swoop and X-Wing models look really fascinating. The drones can drive up to 15 km / h. Drone prices ranging from $ 50-150 are sold in Amazon.

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One response to “Star Wars Drones”

  1. Hulk says:

    I’ve always wanted to fly the Millennium Falcon. My dreams come true.

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