Star Wars fans R2D2 Droid Inventor Kit

LittleBits has announced a new kit for Star Wars fans who want to create their own droid. With the R2D2 Droid Inventor Kit you can build your own droid.

In the business community of Disney and Lucasfilm, LittleBits revealed a new kit for both children and adults to enjoy. The team that chose R2D2 as a design is currently unfortunately not found for the BB-8. You wear each piece in the Droid builder kit and you create your droid from scratch. With the mobile app you can throw away more than 16 relative droids.

It contains all the basic parts you may need in the chitin. There are 20 droid pieces, 20 droid sounds preloaded in the kit with 6 bit and 3 gluing paper. It is almost a child’s toy to make a kit with its application. Video description tells you how to build the droid step by step. Once you’ve created the Droid, you can also see what’s inside thanks to its transparent body design. Users can navigate the droid manually, as well as the R2D2 itself. This kit, both educational and entertaining for children, stands out as another impressive piece to be added to the collection for the Star Wars fan adult audience. LittleBits’ R2D2 creation kits are available for sale. The sale price of the Droid Inventor Kit is $ 99.


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