Stormtrooper Decanter

A very sought-after piece by fans, Stormtrooper decanter is a cool caraf that every Star Wars collection wants to see in the bar. The Stormtrooper shot glass should definitely be found next to it, as it will be missing by itself.

Let’s briefly talk about the Stormtrooper helmet story. In the year 1976 the legendary film Star Wars shoots will begin, designer Andrew Ainsworth will be asked to design helmets that are nowhere seen until that day, and now there are masterpieces that we admire. Stormtrooper helmet has been transformed into various products in various forms during that time and presented to our liking.

The Stormtrooper decanter and the Stormtrooper shot glass are two of the works that draw our attention. We will add Crazy Gadgets to our Star Wars collection as a family first chance.

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