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The newest model added to the electric bicycle market was the Super Monarch Crown, which attracted attention with its strength and camouflage. The model has managed to make a difference with its design and pattern options.

The Super Monarch Crown is an electric bike model focused exactly on the terrain. The camouflaged model looks a little strange, it makes the difference mainly with its technical infrastructure, not with the design. Because this model contains not only one electric motor that offers 52V 1,100W maximum power but two electric motors. Offering high torque with these engines in the middle of the rims, the model is in an option position that can reach up to 56 km / h. The model, which is sown in high performance from extremely high speed to very difficult terrain, can lift 182 kg and its own weight is at the level of 43 kg. The bicycle, which uses hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear, also includes sections to carry loads in the front and rear. The Super Monarch Crown, which contains a double battery pack to feed the double engine, can fill these batteries through a single input. This is counted from the beautiful details.

Super Monarch Crown is not a cheap electric bike

The announced price of the model, which includes two advanced suspension systems, is at the level of $ 3,995. However, it is reported that this price will be $ 4,995 later.

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