The brand’s first smart speaker, “Apple HomePod“, came up with some unexpected news today. I received an interesting discount on the device, which is highly acclaimed, especially for the sound quality.

Technology giant Apple’s sales are declining. Behind this is the high prices of hardware products sold. Therefore, the company is taking important steps towards material decline. Recently, a discount on iPhone prices in China, Apple, now has a discount for HomePod. Smart speaker sold for $ 349 previously, $ 50 with a discount of $ 299 withdrew. In addition, the company has made another discount in India. When it was offered for sale, the price of India was $ 1,117 and the phone dropped to $ 790 with a big discount.

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Apple HomePod Price

The device, which has a cylindrical body structure, takes its power from the company’s own developed A8 processor. The loudspeaker is a 4-inch company’s own subwoofer, which is particularly ambitious in terms of sound performance. With its 6 microphones, the device is compatible with the music you listen to and has Siri access. Available in two different colors, black and white, the product is built on a much smaller body. The device has a sale price of $ 350.

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