insta360 go

Insta360, known for its 360-degree camera models, is now facing a non-360-degree camera. Here are Insta360 Go and its features.

The newly introduced Insta360 Go is basically a personal camera model. The camera is amazingly small and weighs 18 grams, yet delivers top-quality image quality. Go enables you to shoot really stable videos with six-axis image stabilization.

The product can be attached to clothing or a headband with a magnetic apparatus. Enough for a lot of sharing, but a little larger would be better if you came with the 4K said that the camera, you want to manually edit the video, you want to allow you to edit via the Insta360 application. Automatic modes, artificial intelligence can make quite nice arrangements here.

Insta360 Go has been a really interesting camera

The camera comes with a special magnetic charging system, with an overseas sales price of $199. IPX4 certificate, which is a water-resistant option, the camera, such as Hyperlapse shooting modes are available to users. The camera also features a slow shutter release.

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