• Skull Ceiling Light

    – Halloween is coming and we’re already looking for different decorating ideas. Wait, we searched for you and found a great option “Skull Ceiling Light“ Skull Ceiling Light, made of recycled glass, is very simple to assemble. We will…

    $ 45.00
  • What is fog machine fluid

    – Before answering the question of what is fog machine fluid, let us give a brief information about the fog machine.   The fog machine is a tool that creates fog or smoke. The fog can also be used…

  • Holographic Halloween Decorations

    – Halloween approaching preparations begin. I thought about how ghosts would follow the window. Holographic Halloween Decorations, designed by AtmosFX, transform this dream into reality. A great visual feast to bring all the attention to your home with countless…

    $ 39.99
  • Blood Bath Shower Gel

    – Blood Bath Shower Gel is a good product to make scary fantasies real. You go into bathroom after a tiring day. There is a bag full of blood, hanged on showerhead. You have the right to scare and…

    $ 9.45
  • Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights

    – Ours will be the most terrifying window during Halloween. I decorated our windows with Peep n’ Peepers Flashing Eyes Halloween Lights. People on the street at night will be frightened when they see the bright eyes that can…

    $ 19.99
  • Bubble Fogger

    5/5 (1)

    5/5 (1) – This year, we make research about interesting products for you before Halloween ends. We liked many products, of course, we will review them separately. But the most interesting product for us was the Bubble Fogger Machine….

    $ 92.50