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  • NXTVISION display
  • Smooth design
  • Ülkü performance
  • Up to 2 days of battery life
  • Android 11 operating system
  • Free screen protection guarantee
  • Screen resolution

In the last period, we are witnessing pleasing developments for our country in terms of technology. Famous technology giants are opening their factories in our country one after another and starting domestic production. One of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies TCL, as you know, has become a very active player in our country in the last period. We saw that the company put new models on sale in Turkey, and we had the chance to examine many of them. The company has now taken things one step further and TCL has started the production of TCL branded smartphones in Turkey, in cooperation with Arçelik. We have the first example of this right now. TCL 20 SE, our guest today.

We will move on to the TCL 20 SE, but we need to talk a little bit about TCL’s production in Turkey and the facility it opened, because this issue is very valuable.

TCL has started production at the facility established in Çerkezköy. Investing in Turkey is very, very valuable, as it will provide added value to our country, will pave the way for other companies to invest in our country, and will also provide employment opportunities in our country. Right now 100 persons an employment has been provided and thus the work has begun at the factory. Total annual production capacity 450 thousand phones, of course, the company’s plans are to top these numbers. There is a plan to increase the production capacity of this facility to 1 million phones in 2022, which will undoubtedly be a step that will positively affect the number of employment.

Yes, the TCL 20 SE we currently have first TCL smartphone to leave this facility. You can see it on the box, Turkish Flag and ” We are proud, we are starting domestic production!.

First Things You Should Know About TCL 20 SE

TCL 20 SE Review 2

Yes, TCL 20 SE Let’s start with the aspects that caught our attention first. First of all, we can say that this phone impresses with its large screen. Thus, those who are looking for a large screen in the phone they will buy can clearly write this phone at the top of the list in the shopping list. Because the TCL 20 SE has a full screen 6. 82 inches in size -which makes it one of the phones with the largest screen we have encountered in the last period.

Another valuable detail is the presence of 4 cameras on the back of the phone. This is another feature that will appeal to those looking for multi-camera setups. We’ll take a look at the cameras in more detail in a moment.

On the other hand, in order not to keep you waiting until the conclusion part, let’s tell you the price at this point. The TCL 20 SE is now a model that fits into the entry-mid segment, which we can call affordable. TCL Turkey recommended price 2799 TL, but if you search the internet a bit, you can find this phone. 2699 TL Having said that, we can now delve a little deeper into the investigation.

How is the TCL 20 SE Design?

TCL 20 SE Review 3

Yes, TCL 20 SE a model that looks nice with its design. Yes, even though the back surface is made of plastic, it has to be said that it gives a nice feeling. We liked the quality of the equipment. It is also a nice detail to make a color contrast where the camera block is positioned on the back surface. Thus, the design side of the phone has been strengthened.

Another noteworthy detail on the back surface is fingerprint sensor is happening. The fingerprint sensor located on the back of this phone works fast and can make easy diagnosis. Also via the front camera on the phone face recognition

Let’s also say that the system exists.

When we look around the phone, we see that there are volume and power buttons on the right side, and an additional button on the left for quick access to the voice assistant. There is also a microSD card slot and a SIM card drawer on this side. You can increase the memory of the phone with a microSD card. In addition, the TCL 20 SE, to dual SIM card holder also owned.

Here when we get to the bottom edge USB-C port we see the speaker grating. The TCL 20 SE is not a single speaker phone, it also uses the handset speaker. stereo audio provides. Ha, you can feel that the sound stability is slightly shifted to the lower speakers in horizontal use, but still, the sound comes from two directions, which is quite appropriate news for its segment.

at the top of the phone 3. 5mm headphone jack is also included. There is no headphone in the box, but you can use your own headphones with the headphone jack. On the other hand, let’s say that you can find the silicone case in the box to protect the phone.

What are the TCL 20 SE Display Features?

TCL 20 SE Review 4

Let’s come to the screen now. TCL When the turn comes to the screen on devices, we now know very well what we will see in front of us. NXTVISION technology, as a matter of fact, provides a very nice view, friends. NXTVISION screen technology, which we have seen in TCL phones and tablets before, 20 SE also stays in place in the model and as a matter of fact, it does its job very nicely.

The screen of the phone, as we say 6. 82 inches in size. The screen-to-body ratio is also kept at a fairly high level; with thin screen edges 90 percent screen-to-body ratio On the phone where it is provided, 20. 5:9 landscape aspect ratio is provided. In other words, we can say that this phone is suitable for watching movies, TV series, using multimedia applications and playing games. Here’s the topic NXTVISION Coming to the feature already.

Thanks to NXTVISION, a scene you view on the phone’s screen can be upgraded to an HDR, even if it is SDR. From the phone’s settings NXTVISION, when you turn on the “automatically enhance image contrast, sharpness and dark details” switch, the images on the screen are enhanced in real time. Here you can also turn on image and game enhancement, so if you are a frequent gamer, you can also increase game images to high dynamic range quality.

On the screen where you can change the color mode and temperature as you wish, there are also screen features that should definitely be sought in a phone, such as reading mode and eye-straining mode.

It’s true, one point needs to be pointed out: The resolution of the screen may seem low compared to competing models. Because the TCL 20 SE’s screen is 720×1640 pixels. However, the NXTVISION feature, which is not available in the competitors, makes up for this resolution difference, and we can clearly say that you will not notice its deficiency even if you do not look at the phone’s feature sheet.

This is also called the display panel in the middle. IPS LCD is preferred, which is a very stable panel with its viewing angles and contrast level.

Let’s not miss another important point about the screen: for TCL Turkey, 20 SE 3 month screen protection package also gives the phone free of charge to those who buy it. In other words, if you break the phone’s screen within this period of time, then without asking any price from you, TCL Turkey refreshes the screen in completely free form.

What are the TCL 20 SE Features?

TCL 20 SE Review 5

Well, what are the specs of the TCL 20 SE? On the phone Snapdragon 460 processor is used. This processor ensures that this phone produces enough performance for its class. This processor, which is designed in an 8-core structure, 4GB RAM and 64GB While accompanying the memory, on the graphics side, we see the Adreno 610 GPU depending on the processor.

On the phone, which produces very ideal performance for daily use, Android 11 TCL has its own interface on the operating system. With this interface, which also asks for customization options during the presentation, you can choose the menu structure with a drawer or flat, and you can select the navigation keys at the bottom according to your right and left hand usage preferences.

You can do social media circulation and internet browsing, YouTube and Netflix and well-known applications such as display platforms, TCL 20 SE, which provides a performance where you can easily play popular games again, NFC FM radio, this class differs from many of its competitors.

Especially for those who are curious about the game side, during the time we use the phone, PUBG Mech Arena

Let’s also say that we can play games like fluently.

The battery capacity of the phone 5000mAh. In this way, you can use it for up to 2 days in normal use. It is also possible to increase this time in more measured uses. Let’s say that there is a 10W charging adapter in the box.

TCL 20 SE Camera Capabilities

TCL 20 SE Review 6

As we said at the beginning, there are 4 different cameras on the back of the TCL 20 SE. Our main camera here 16MP at f/1. While it has an 8 aperture, the phone also includes an ultra-wide-angle camera, macro camera and depth sensor. ultra wide angle camera, 5MP While it consists of the lens, the aperture is f/2. in the form of 2. The macro camera and depth sensor are also 2 MP.

The camera interface has various options to enrich the use of these cameras. Quickly from the interface to portrait mode. artificial intelligence You can entrust the automatic scene recognition feature. AI scene detection feature Let’s say by the way that you can turn it on or off from the Settings menu. We recommend using artificial intelligence as much as possible, because it can shoot in the most appropriate mode according to the situation of the scene and the surrounding conditions. If you’re in a relatively low-light environment, it can brighten the scene or shoot in plant or food mode.

In our photo shoots with the TCL 20 SE, we saw that the phone took nice photos for its class. Enough for social media posts. On the phone, which produces better results, especially in daytime shots, the front camera is also 8MP . In this middle with the phone both front camera and rear camera Full HD video recording Let’s also say that it can be done.

You can quickly see the photos taken with the TCL 20 SE in our video above.

In a nutshell

Yes, as a result, the TCL 20 SE is an option that appeals to those looking for a phone with a large screen in terms of multimedia consumption, can provide ideal performance and draw attention with its long battery life, while the TCL 20 SE is a model produced in Turkey. As we said, the phone that makes a difference especially with its NXTVISION screen technology is on the market. 2699 TL You can find the price.

TCL 20 SE Technical Specifications
Artwork Model TCL 20 SE
Work Type Mobile Phone
CHIP Online Note 85
Manufacturer TCL
Operating System Android 11
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 460
Core (CPU) 8
CPU Face 1. 8 – 1.6GHz
Display Technology IPS LCD
Screen Size 6. 82 inches
Screen Resolution 720 × 1640 px
Graphics Processor Adreno 610
Memory (RAM) 4GB
Internal Storage 64GB
Expandable Storage 256GB
Front Camera 8MP
Art Camera 16MP
Art Camera (2) 5MP
Art Camera (3) 2MP
Art Camera (4) 2MP
Double Line Yes
WiFi Yes
LTE (4G) Yes
Bluetooth Yes
FM Radio Yes
Battery Capacity 5000mAh
Fingerprint Sensor Yes
Face Recognition Yes
Dimensions 77×172×9.1mm
Weighing Scale 206 gr.


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