Tesla has beaten Lucid Air

Tesla has beaten

With its Lucid Air e-sedan, the US vehicle manufacturer Lucid Motors wants to overtake Tesla’s competition. In terms of range, that already works. Shortly before the official presentation of the Lucid Air, there is now another stage win.

400 m race: Lucid Air crossed the finish line ahead of Tesla

The Lucid Air will only be presented on September 9th, but the manufacturer Lucid Motors is already calling it the “fastest production sedan in the world”. For good reason: the electric car from the USA made the prestigious quarter-mile sprint (a good 400 meters) in 9.9 seconds repeatedly – faster than its direct competitor, the Model S from Tesla. In an earlier race that took about half a second more for the track. With 9.9 seconds, the Lucid Air is even close to the production car record time of 9.65 – driven by a Dodge Challenger.

The “Dream Edition” of the Lucid Air, with which the manufacturer completed the short-distance sprints, is 1,080 horsepower. The vehicle manufacturer also works with technology from Formula E: Ultra-efficient and ultra-light engines are used, which supposedly leaves plenty of space inside the luxury-class five-seater for upscale equipment. It is no coincidence that Lucid Motos is currently targeting Tesla. Peter Rawlinson, who runs the company, was formerly the technical director at Tesla and was responsible for the development of the Model S.

A video from the manufacturer shows how the Lucid Air performs on the road:

Tesla strikes back

Elon Musk may already have an answer to the Lucid Air up its sleeve: The teslamag.de portal suspects that a new version of the Model S announced by Musk could catch up with the Air in terms of acceleration. The range is also to be beaten: Because in this discipline, the Lucid Air Tesla also has its place: In a standard test by the US Center of the Research Association for Energy Technology and Internal Combustion Engines, the Lucid Air achieved a considerable range of 832 kilometers. The lead has its price and will probably surpass Tesla: The Lucid Air should cost over 100,000 US dollars, says teslamag.de.

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