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Marvel fans after the Avengers Endgame exciting theories continue. The last theory establishes an interesting connection between Thanos and Galactus. It opens the door to different possibilities in future films.

As you know, in the Avengers Infinity War, Thanos completed his infinity glove and used the stones to destroy half the universe. With his move, not only humans and aliens, but also lice and animals disappeared. That’s why Thanos’s move was somewhat meaningless. Moreover, it is not difficult to predict that living things will reproduce rapidly and reach the same number in 100 years. As if this problem was not enough, Thanos‘ destruction of all the eternity stones prevented the repetition of erasing half of the living things from reality. Marvel fans think that all these moves are actually linked to Galactus.

Thanos and Galactus connection

Normally, Galactus chose people to be His ambassadors in comics and sent them to different planets. According to the information from them, which planets would disappear. Some enthusiastic Marvel fans think that Thanos wasn’t acting on his own but was actually Galactus’s ambassador. There are quite good reasons for this. Thanos’ plan to destroy half the universe is basically not very logical, we have explained above. The only purpose of this movement is to send a message to Galactus with the resulting energy wave. The goal of destroying the stones of eternity was to eliminate everything that could help our heroes defeat Galactus. In this case, the worst of the Avengers movie would come is Galactus.

Of course, all we’re saying is being Marvel fans’ theory. However, it is important to note that the details are very interesting and that Galactus can be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could Marvel be surprised by this theory in the days ahead? We’re looking forward to our new bad.

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