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Marvel studios continue to share new introductions while the “Avengers Endgame” has been on the ceiling. This time the presentation focuses on Thanos and his victory in the Avengers Infinity War.

As you know, in the final of the Avengers Infinity War, Thanos was able to capture all the Infinity Stones. By combining them in the Infinity Glove and snapping their finger, half of the creatures in the universe turned into a dust cloud. Since then we’ve been wondering what will happen in the Avengers Endgame. Marvel is trying to share as much information and images as possible. However, the number of introductions recently published by the studio began to increase. We see Thanos in his latest TV presentation and we see him addressing Avengers.

The Avengers In this brief introduction of Endgame, Thanos ’My work is over. I won. After that, I will like it very much. We don’t know who he talks to exactly, but the first name that comes to mind is Tony Stark. Because we see Iron Man, who is apparently on a secret mission, as well as Thanos. We have no idea what the giant Titan is prepared to do exactly. And this makes our curiosity about the movie grow!

We will be able to watch the Avengers Endgame movie, which is a Marvel signature and directed by the Russo brothers, on 26 April. The film’s pre-ticket sales started. You can find the presentation at the end of our news.

Source: Marvel Studios (via ComicBook.com)

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