Garmin MARQ Commander smartwatch

Garmin, one of the world’s largest smartwatch manufacturers, has added the Commander to its MARQ collection of five different models.

The recently introduced Garmin MARQ collection consists of five models: Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator, and Driver. Commonly built on the titanium case, the smartwatch models are highly resistant to scratches with sapphire glass. Products using a ceramic frame have a built-in GPS unit and can perform instant pulse measurement. It is a very stylish Commander model that can even show the oxygen level in this environment. Unlike the rest of the family, the model has an unobtrusive line and can provide information on many issues on its round screen. Even with a topographic map, the smartwatch is able to track activity as you would expect and includes parachute-centered air actions on the Jumpmaster. Depending on the usage, it offers a battery life of 28 hours to 12 days, creating the impression of an adjunct to agents.

Garmin MARQ smartwatch family is not made up of cheap models

Models in the family start from exactly $ 1.500 to $ 2.500. The watches, which are really high prices, only appeal to those who want the best. In particular, the price of the Commander is as high as $ 1.950. You can watch the promotional video of the model above.

MARQ Commander by Garmin