Avenge The Fallen

New posters for the Avengers Endgame have also launched a new stream. One of the names involved is John Wick 3.

The Avengers Endgame has released a new series of posters a month before its release. In the series “Avenge the Fallen” ın, our heroes are getting ready to avenge their lost friends.

Avengers: In Infinity War, new posters depicting poster dusty poster heroes in black and white reflect the ones still alive in a colorful way. These posters quickly brought new ones with them. Viewers who apply the same poster theme to different characters on Twitter get fun alternatives. One of them is visually shared by John Wick 3 account.


“What I need to do“

Those who watch the first film will remember. When John Wick lost his wife, all he had left behind was his dog. But aside from retirement, after the murder of the dog, Wick had revenge as a fearless assassin who had returned to Baba Yaga. Nowadays Wicklıys new dog is found, but the poster with his first dog is adapted to the Avengers Endgame poster. “What I need to do” fil is shared with the visual shared by the official account of John Wick 3.

In the new movie, we expect more action and more conflicts. While our hero is being targeted with a $ 14 million prize, he seems to be telling the ones who are calling him Baba Yaga in one of his missions. You can watch the trailer of the new movie. The film will take its place in the vision on May 17th

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