The Batman Teaser

The Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson, is one of the most anticipated DC movies. The first trailer of the highly anticipated movie by Batman fans has been released.

As usual in Gotham City, crime is on the rise and some forces are trying to reach Batman. The story takes place in Bruce Wayne‘s second year of his career as Batman. Set in a period of lawlessness, director Matt Reeves states that Batman is not yet Batman and obviously people are afraid of him. The trailer also introduces the characters Jeffrey Wright, who plays James Gordon, and Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catman. The most striking part of the trailer is Reeves’ handling of Bruce Wayne instead of Batman. Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, and Ben Affleck, who previously played Batman characters, appear as a well-groomed character in the role of Bruce Wayne, while Pattinson appears in The Batman in a more disorganized way.

Will The Batman movie be as successful as the previous Batman movies?

DC fans have actually been waiting for The Batman movie for a very long time. Most of this time was spent waiting for the details to become clear. Ben Affleck, who initially starred in the movie, would also write the script and direct the movie. This situation has changed over time. Ben Affleck stepped out of all these little responsibilities and left the DC cinema universe. Later Matt Reeves took over the role of director.

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