Microsoft Project Silica

The future of data storage seems to be shaped around Microsoft Project Silica. The software giant sounds very ambitious about it.

Project Silica has been working on the project for a long time. This new storage system uses glass as you can see in the pictures. Microsoft, who recently partnered with Warner Bros for this system and stored the original 1978 Superman film in an area of ​​75 x 75 x 2 mm, looks very ambitious about this new project. This infrastructure includes voxels, which are transmitted as a three-dimensional version of the pixels on our screens. The software giant transmits the data onto these voxels with an infrared laser and takes advantage of machine learning algorithms at the point of reading the data again. This rather complex system looks really exciting. However, for this technology to come to life more, very long studies need to be done. Initially thought to become commercialized in data centers, Microsoft Project Silica is one of the most exciting systems in the field.

Microsoft Project Silica will not reach the end-user easily in the first stage

Unfortunately, this is not expected to change in the future. Project Silica is being developed for sensitive data that needs serious protection. In addition, special infrastructures are required for the operation of the infrastructure.

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