The Golden AirPods Max

The Golden AirPods Max:

Thanks to cheap loan agreements and installment payments, no one has to do without Apple products these days, but for the latest special series of AirPods Max, you should perhaps not get into debt. Only very few millionaires or even billionaires will be able to access and afford them.

Without a doubt, Apple’s new luxury headphones are among the most expensive models on the market – you have to be willing to spend a good 600 euros. Other contemporaries buy a new iPhone or iPad for this amount and not just voluminous “ear warmers” with music in them. But there is still something going on because if you prefer real gold instead of aluminum, you have to pay 97,500 euros for the new special series of AirPods Max. You read that right, others buy a small condominium for this.

AirPods Max made of gold: Unique pieces from Russia, not directly from Apple

airpods max gold

The golden AirPods Max does not come directly from Apple. Behind it are the well-known, Russian smartphone refiners from Caviar. The customer can choose between two models – black or white crocodile leather over the plastic mesh fabric, what should it be? Always with you, however, the ear cups made of pure gold – 18 carats, i.e. the common jewelry alloy made of 750 gold (75 percent pure gold). Golden elements in the form of rings can also be found on the leather hanger. Without a doubt, these AirPods Max are extreme. Incidentally, extremely rare, because there will only be one piece at a time, it couldn’t be more exclusive.

Pure gold from Caviar: PlayStation 5, AirPods Max, Samsung S21 and more

Other extremes: Golden PS5 and Nike shoes

If you still have some money left over, you can still shop at Caviar. There are more obscure announcements of individual items for the new year on offer. For example, a PlayStation 5 made of pure gold – 20 kilograms are used. A price is not mentioned, but briefly for orientation. Currently, you pay around 50,000 euros for a kilo of gold (999). A “bargain”, however, is the “Nike Air Jordan” from Caviar. The sneakers are decorated with elements of gold and diamonds and cost an inexpensive 13,890 euros. At such “low prices”, the makers can also make 99 pieces in series.

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