electric bike Anza

The latest electric bike Anza

The last member of the electric bike market is Monday Motorbikes signed Anza. The newest electric bike Anza is trying to draw attention with its sliding structure.

The electric bike market continues to grow without slowing down. The world market is bigger than ever with new models. The Anza, the model we see today, is not directly cycling as a bicycle, but it is considered as a bicycle because it provides pedal support. The Anza, which is suitable for off-road with its big tires, carries a battery pack in the form of a gas tank and comes in two different versions. Two options are offered here, 500W and 750W. It can reach 32 km / h with the 500W model and 56 km / h with the 750W model. The product, in which hydraulic disc brakes are used, brings a range of 40 km with a 557 Wh battery in the 500W model, and 56 km with a 672 Wh battery in the 750W model. These figures seem sufficient if focusing on city-specific use for electric bicycles.

Monday Motorbikes Anza

Anza electric bike is cheaper than many of its competitors

The 500W version of the bike is sold abroad for $ 1,499 and the 750W version for $ 2,499.00. The bicycle, which has a colorful LCD screen, also allows the battery to be changed. Anza, which is built on an aluminum body and reported to be light, only carries suspension in front. However, it is reported that comfort is high with thick tires.

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