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Apple AirPods is still one of the most ambitious fully wireless headphones in the market. However, a device that will shake the throne of AirPods is coming by Amazon.

In the wireless headset market, Apple AirPods is able to find numerous alternatives. AirPods, which is highly confused due to its design, continues to be one of the most popular names in this area with a 60 percent market share. But AirPods seems to have a new rival. According to Bloomberg, the name of the competition will fizzle Amazon. As you know, Amazon has its own intelligent assistant like Siri. Alexa offers users an enhanced experience. Alexa, the smart speaker especially in the firm’s market, offers innovations that make life easier in the Echo lineup.

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A more sophisticated sound experience is expected to be close to the AirPods design as expected to offer a similar experience in the smartphones. However, by Amazon, the “smart” part of the business wants to move a step further is recorded. It is said that Amazon, which is stated to be aiming at a more advanced sound quality, could be one of the distinctive models in the market. The biggest complaint of music enthusiast users is the sound performance when it comes to completely wireless headphones.

With Amazon’s headset, it is also expected that users will have the opportunity to shop via Amazon. Music access, weather information and all other information will also be able to reach through Alexa mediated voice command. It is also possible to give Alexa a voice, as well as physical controls. The wireless headset is expected to have a container that will charge itself as well as other models. There is no clear information about pricing for now.

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