electric scooter Stator

One of the most interesting models of the market, the electric scooter Stator, is finally available for sale. But the selling price is literally breathtaking.

The electric scooter Stator, as you can see, has a very interesting design. The model looks simple but interesting, first attracting attention with its huge tires. Behind this model, which was shown as a concept a long time ago, is Nathan Allen. Investor Thanks to Patrick Soon-Shiong, Allen prepares to launch the Stator model and goes out of the ordinary with a one-sided handlebar. The electric scooter, which is prepared in black and white colors, is technically ambitious. Offering a full range of 129 km with a 1 kWh battery pack, the personal transport vehicle can accelerate up to 51 km / h with its 1,000 W engine. It can reach a range of 129 km, not at maximum, but at lower speeds. Lighting system can be added to the scooter, the center of gravity is low and wide tires can establish its own balance.

Electric Scooter Stator Incredibly Expensive

Large-scale mass production will not be made for a full $ 3.995 model is required. The $ 4.000 for this type of scooter looks amazing, and the pre-order price is $ 250. In the first half of 2020 will go to buyers called scooters, let’s see whether the competition is very high in the market can make a sound?

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