Sony PlayStation 5

Important announcements have been made for the Sony PlayStation 5, a new generation game console that is eagerly awaited by gamers.

The console is officially named PlayStation 5, as recently announced by the company. Sony has put an end to this issue, and the model will also be shared with consumers in the period shared. Accordingly, we meet the new generation game console at the end of 2020 officially. The console, which should be expected more in this respect, has now reached an exit time. The company’s statement also includes new information about the console’s new controller. The new controller will provide much better feedback with apt haptic feedback ılıy. Sony has said that they have changed the existing system that has been used for many years and that the feeling will increase significantly. It is said that even the smallest details can be felt on the vibration. This development shows that the smooth vibration structure of existing systems will become much better. In addition, the R2 and L2 tectonic keys on the controller will be adaptive. It is said that game developers will be able to change the resistance of these trigger keys, depending on the situation. This will increase the realism of the game. While the console is still unclear, there is no explanation for the price.

What are the technical details for the Sony PlayStation 5?

The console is powered by an eight-core processor based on AMD’s 3rd generation Zen architecture. On the graphics side, the AMD-signed Radeon Navi family uses the PS5, which will standardize 4K gameplay, the 8K level is said to be able to output. Ray tracing support, which will survive the era of light effects, is among the details that draw attention, and the console will bring serious innovations in sound. A dedicated AMD audio chip is said to be available on the console. It is also explained that the high-speed SSD storage will load the console’s games very, very much more quickly. The version, which is 4 times more powerful than the PlayStation 4, is similar to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 in terms of graphics power.

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