Leaked information for Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones

After Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headset, another Apple-signed headset has emerged. The model showed itself in iOS 14 codes.

Apple, you know, has been coming up with the news that it has been designing a headphone with its own brand for a long time. The headset, which appeared as AirPods (X Generation) in some sales channels last month, was said to have a price tag of $ 399 and created excitement. The headset, which is also predicted to be released directly to the market as AirPods X, showed itself in iOS 14 codes. As you can see below, the model, which reveals icons that point to its design, does not seem to have a very different design. The headset, which we think will have a very strong active noise canceling infrastructure, seems to be present only in black and white colors for now. Apple, which already offers over-the-ear headphones over the Beats, is now taking its own step this time.

Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headset in iOS 14 codes

Leaked information for Apple Powerbeats 4 wireless headset?

According to the leak, the model is available in three different colors as “red, white and black” annually. The headset, which comes with a neck strap that is wireless but holds two headphones together, seems to offer high insulation as it is in the form of the ear. The headset, which has an Apple H1 chip and is said to support the “Hey Siri” command, also serves for phone calls. Powerbeats 4, which is unlikely to be sold for less than $ 200, is said to appeal to active people who do sports.

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