The Old Guard Game tournament for free lifetime Netflix

Netflix, one of the largest video platforms in the world, is on the agenda with an interesting game tournament. The winner will not pay Netflix for life.

THE OLD GUARD Game tournament for free lifetime Netflix

Netflix continues to grow. According to the latest figures announced by CompariTech, the number of subscribers is constantly increasing. The worldwide acceleration of the service does not lose its speed either. What brings Netflix to the agenda today is the Old Guard game tournament, which is organized to highlight Charlize Theron’s new movie that can be accessed here. As part of the tournament to be held between July 17-19, a challenging competition begins in the Old Guard game. It is said that the person who finished the tournament first will be given a free 83-year Netflix membership. The official site of the game, which will become active very soon, is located here. The game can be played on the browser.

Netflix was on the agenda with a surprising step recently.

Netflix started automatically canceling subscriptions for accounts that have not been used for a long time last month. This move is generally very surprising. Because the company does not want people who do not directly watch their content to pay themselves to no avail.

As you know, people sometimes forget some of their subscriptions due to subscription services. Or, he may be lazy to turn off some subscriptions that he has automated. The platform, which makes these people a great beauty, has set a 1-year period here. In other words, accounts that have not followed anything for a year are closed at the first stage. Before doing so, users are sent an email about the situation.

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