The Twist Press Coffee Machine

It is very important to reach the ideal taste for coffee lovers. There are many different methods for this. The Twist Press is preparing to add a new method to these methods.

Coffee is more of a pleasure than a hobby. There are numerous alternatives in this area for users who try different methods to reach a good coffee. For those who do not have much time but simply want to make their own coffee at home, alternatives such as French Press stand out; When you wake up in the morning, there are luxury solutions such as smart coffee machines that make your coffee ready. In the sector that does not have this point, an alternative has emerged with a very different design. The Twist Press reinterprets the process of making coffee. For the lovers of filter coffee, the device that comes to the fore is essentially working manually.

The Ultimate Coffee

Prepare and rotate

Designed to offer a practical alternative, Twist Press also minimizes acidity while minimizing acidity. And how does he do that? In the structure consisting of three pieces of the filter, you will place the filter on the glass. You put it on the bowl where the coffee will be placed. After you have filled the amount of coffee you need, you start pouring hot water on it. Finally, you put the third piece, you’re squeezing the coffee. And in 30 seconds you make a cup of coffee ready.

How it works The Twist Press

Designed for users who are very simple and cannot spend a lot of time making coffee, this product can also be a liberating filter coffee device from the office to the campsite. You can also store 3 cups of coffee in the product and take it with you. This practical device, which has already reached the target of Kickstarter, is on sale with prices starting from $ 23.00 You can find the Kickstarter page of the product here.

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