The video that turns Will Smith into Neo

In 1999, Will Smith rejected the role of Neo for the Matrix film, and Keanu Reeves played the role. What would the actor look like if he had accepted the role? Deepfake video includes the actor.

Deepfake’s most recent and intimidating videos are the latest in the Matrix film, with the leading role being Will Smith. For those who will think, “Why Will Smith? Let us first of all talk about Smith’s past with the Matrix. The film, which came into play in 1999, had great success by putting Keanu Reeves in the lead role as Neo. However, the Wachowski brothers‘ first choice at that time was not Keanu Reeves. After Men in Black, the Wachowski brothers met Smith for the role of Neo. But the actor found the Wachowskis movie too “crazy”. I’m not proud of that, the actor, who starred in the film “Wild Wild West” instead of the Matrix, explains how he is aware of the opportunity he missed. Fortunately, Deepfake technology shows Smith how he can be in the film.

Deepfake, who brought Will Smith to star in the Matrix

Sham00K‘s YouTuber shared the video with Smith Instagram. The approximately 3-minute video shows what could have happened if we had watched Smith instead of Keanu Reeves. The series, planned as a trilogy, is about to reach its fourth film. Reeves will return to the role of Neo. The details for Matrix 4 are still a mystery. Who knows, maybe Smith can correct this mistake he made years ago in the fourth film. Not Neo, but we can see the actor in another role. You can watch the Deepfake video at the end of the news.

The video that turns Will Smith into Neo

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