The Walking Dead 10th season Negan decision

The Walking Dead will be Negan, one of the characters he will focus on in the 10th season. It was revealed that he would be released this season, and the decision surprised the audience. Angela Kang, the lead author of the series, signed a statement that clarified this issue.

Following the falling ratings of The Walking Dead and the leading actors who chose to leave the series, it is increasingly difficult to continue the story. The fact that Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne in the following episodes, will also leave will bring the focus back to different characters. One of the characters that will be highlighted at this point seems to be Negan, where Jeffrey Dean Morgan gives life. A while ago we learned that the days when Negan’s character was closed and we’d see him outside in the new season. The lead author Angela Kang told us how this would be possible.

The Walking Dead 10th season Negan decision

“Negan is out this season. Like others, it is working but still imprisoned. It’s a setup based on going out for more work. But with this decision, we will witness very interesting changes in the story. Because Negan is a character who always thinks. He always has a different look. This makes her movements turn into a character that is difficult to predict. He knows exactly what he has to do to get what he wants right now. Very smart, intelligent and powerful. For this reason, we will witness many different events on the Negan front this year. For the writers and Negan, it was a joy to change. I hope so for the audience. ”

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