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Electric bike models are generally not light because of the battery and motor they carry. They have achieved this with the world’s lightest electric bike model Merida Scultura. So it is possible to lower the weight whenever desired.

We came across many light electric bike models. However, we think none of them even got close to the publication of the Dennis Freiburg model. Because the electric bike prepared by Freiburg has a weight of only 6.8 kg. In this respect, the model that really pushes the limits, as far as it is said, has a bodyweight of only 1 kg. So how was such a light bike developed? Almost every possible part of the world record-breaking model is made of light but robust carbon fiber. This special model, which is reported to be built on the Merida Scultura bicycle model, also uses special parts produced with a 3D printer at many points. As you can see, the high-speed oriented electric bike, which is a special option for city/asphalt use, uses a different motor (600 watt RC helicopter motor!) Than normal electric models. The biggest help of such low weight is definitely this detail beside the body. With this engine, it is reported that the bike can accelerate to 25 km / h. But that’s limited speed. The maximum speed is passed as 48 km / h if desired.

The world's lightest electric bike model Merida Scultura Tiny Motor

The world’s lightest electric bike model attracted a lot of attention

It should also be noted that the model, which offers a range of 19-35 km with a small battery preferred for its lightness, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the lightest electric model.

electric bike model Merida Scultura

Realizing the project as a whole cost around € 20,000 (US $ 23,790), which is a lot for a bike but not a lot for the Guinness World Record. If you’re actually looking for the lightest e-bike you can buy, the lightest we can find is the 11-kg (24.3-lb) Invisitron R1, which rocks a 250W motor and costs AU $ 3,300 ($ 2,380) – and it’s a much easier price. tag.

See the Freicycle in action in the video below:

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