This has never happened before at South Park Cult series reacts to the corona pandemic

This has never happened before at South Park:

Of course, South Park will talk about the coronavirus and it will certainly be a welcome change from the COVID-19 news that otherwise floods the Internet and the news: It’s time to smile, after all, humor isn’t something we do even in crises should completely forget.

Whenever nobody dares to laugh at something, South Park lifts his finger and laughs out loud: In 2020 the world went through the COVID-19 hell and we are actually still in the middle of it. The coronavirus determines our lives at home, on the street, at work and in all kinds of leisure activities, if we can still pursue them.

One hobby, however, has remained unquestionably: Stream or simply watch South Park on the official homepage, and if you’re already at it: From October 4th there will be a very special episode of the comedy series: the one-hour pandemic special; something that has not existed in this length before. Take a look at the short teaser:

“The Pandemic Special” Premieres Sept 30 – SOUTH PARK

What’s the matter? The coronavirus has settled in a cloud over South Park, students are sitting behind plexiglass in the school and Randy Marsh seems to be profiting from the sale of weed during the corona crisis.

The one-hour pandemic special: When and where to watch?

While the pandemic special will be broadcast in the US on September 30th, you can watch the one-hour episode in Germany on September 4th on Comedy Central at 10:15 p.m., or catch up on the South Park homepage one day later.

I don’t know how to do it, but to see COVID-19 under the South Park magnifying glass for at least 60 minutes seems like a very comforting idea. In addition, South Park may remind you, like me, of my childhood, something that is always a very homely – and pleasant – feeling.

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