foldable electric bikes by Ducati-300

Foldable electric bikes

Ducati, one of the biggest names in the motorcycle world, is now with three new foldable electric bike models.

Ducati, one of the legendary companies of the motorcycle market, continues to expand its electric bicycle portfolio. Scrambler SCR-E is the first one of these foldable models, which is very good for urban use and to carry behind cars. The bike, which draws attention with its yellow and black mixture color, has small but thick tires suitable for the field. Offering a 70 km range with a 374.4 Wh battery pack, the model carries a suspension system in front and uses disc brakes. Another model is Urban-E in black but red in detail. This foldable bike also has small tires and features disc brakes and a suspension system. The electric bike model has a range of just over 70 km with a 378 Wh battery pack. The last bike is the Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Sport with disc brakes and suspension with a completely black body but yellow details. The foldable electric bike customized to normal road brings 80 km range with 468 Wh battery pack. The selling prices of bicycles that have built-in LED lighting have not been announced yet.

Ducati was recently with the regular electric bike e-Scrambler

The model, where you can find all the details, is basically built on the Shimano Steps E7000 electric motor, which offers 60 Nm of torque, and carries a 504-Wh Shimano battery pack. The company had partnered with the bicycle company Thok for this model.

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