Trek Motorized Camera Slider 1

Trek Motorized Camera Slider with smooth scrolling on horizontal or vertical axis

From assistive equipment, which video professionals always carry, sliders provide smooth scrolling on a horizontal or vertical axis. At this point, Trek Motorized Camera Slider from the newly developed products makes the process both easy and very useful.

The Trek has been made especially for smartphones, making it so fluid that you can not move the camera with your hands. In addition, the product, which can also be used with motion cameras, has an internal motor. The device that can move the connected smartphone or camera itself is a great option especially for Time-Lapse videos. In addition, the device, which can also be used for normal camera scrolling, can be controlled from the smartphone application. The mode-carrying product, which will facilitate many different tasks in your application, is also water resistant. The slider, which can shoot more than 20 hours with a single charge, puts the biggest difference with its body structure. The product based on the magnetic connection structure can be customized with different rails. For example, the device allows for curved or round rail installation, thus providing creative solutions.

Trek and smartphone videos are era

An option that you can always carry with you, the slider has enough power to allow vertical shooting. The device, which can be used on almost any surface, offers unlimited scrolling distance on the paper with the rails to be added. The donation platform is placed on Indiegogo 50 thousand dollar goal of 120 thousand dollars in the slider, which can be obtained from this donation 225 dollars. You can watch the product introduction video below.

Trek: Take Mesmerizing Timelapses from Dyno Equipment on Vimeo.

The world’s first modular, motorized camera slider system for Trek, GoPros, small cameras and smartphones. The patent-pending design allows you to take full control of the system with an intuitive and easy-to-use application, create custom part configurations with magnetic connection points and easily store the entire system with the rest of your gearwheel.

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