Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast

As you may know, Ultimate Ears is an expert on Logitech’s side brand and wireless speakers. The brand introduces new Alexa-powered wireless loudspeakers, called Ultimate Ears Blast and Ultimate Ears Megablast. We no longer have any excuse to leave the digital assistant at home.

Continuing the cylindrical design line of Ultimate Ears, the loudspeakers are joining Alexa with the smartest portable loudspeakers. The digital assistant developed by Amazon, as you know, is often confronted in the recent times. The assistant who connects the speakers with the Wi-Fi technology to the smartphones and then the intern, can give voice information to almost every subject. The assistant, who can hear you as the microphone is on the devices, even allows you to call. The loudspeakers, which are available in many different color options, can give a 360 degree sound as an important detail. So a complete batch solution can be charged with the dock unit.

Ultimate Ears Blast and Megablast make a difference with Alexa

The products, which have the ability to stay under common water for 30 minutes under three meters of water, can be actively used even on the beach in this regard. Difficult speaker models with 12 and 16 hour battery life are largely separated from each other by size and sound power. Megablast, launched as the most powerful model (93 dB) produced by Ultimate Ears, is priced at $ 299. Little sister Blast is taking the place on the shelf for 229 bucks.

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