Vector Robot integrated with Amazon's Alexa 1

The cute personal Vector robot, developed by Anki, is a toy for adults. However, with its advanced features and cute appearance, it stands out with its capabilities. Finally, together with the agreement between Anki and Amazon, Vector will now support the voice assistant Alexa.

The new version, which can be installed on the Vector robot with a software update coming on December 17, 2018, will activate the voice assistant Alexa. In addition to his artificial intelligence-assisted personality, Vector will also have Alexa’s voice assistant skills.
When the cute robot is woken up by the word “Hey Vector“, he will respond to the interface he has been used to, and when he hears the word “Alexa”, Alexa’s blue icon will appear on the screen and you will see the audible assistant Alexa. This will greatly increase Vector’s capabilities. Because with this integration, all of Alexa’s features become manageable via Vector.

Anki’s CEO and co-founder, Boris Sofman, expressed their satisfaction with integrating Alexa into interactive mobile robots. He explained that Vector has a living character and that the consumer robotics platform will grow by adding new features in the coming years. Founded in 2010, Anki is likely to continue to develop the Vector robot.

Normally, the sale price of $ 250 with this cute robot before the holiday period abroad went down and sold with a price tag of $ 175 is also noted.

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