what is fog machine fluid

Before answering the question of what is fog machine fluid, let us give a brief information about the fog machine.
The fog machine is a tool that creates fog or smoke. The fog can also be used in cinematic effects, effects that need to be applied specifically for stage shows, Halloween or small-scale organizations. With the development of the cinema industry, we see that these machines are becoming a technological one. In fact, the main objective is to provide artificial production of a substance that exists in nature but is not always present.

After this brief explanation, we can answer the question of what is fog machine liquid.

What is fog machine fluid made of?

There are three types of fog machines. Each method has good and bad aspects, and each method has different uses. The most well-known of the working methods of fog machines is the formation of steam, such as a fog, which is produced by heating the mixture of glycol and water. The fog machine consists of a heat exchanger, pump and tank. The heat exchanger is a closed area consisting of an inlet port and a small outlet opening.

How does a fog machine work?

The heat exchanger gives a heat of 205 degrees Celsius and then the pump draws the glycol-water mixture from the tank and transfers this mixture to the heating unit. The glucose-water mixture then turns to steam and is ejected in the mouth in front of the fog machine. When the ejected steam comes into contact with cooler air than it, some condense and turn into mist. The fog is still warmer than the outside air, so it rises into the air and forms wavy clouds.

The logic of the second method in the operation of fog machines is mostly based on heat exchange. However, this kind of fog machines are more heat-dependent rather than sending water and air into the atomic structure.

Typically, a spray mist machine creates smaller particles using heat and cannot even create a clear image that is visible to the naked eye, creating a kind of mist around it to reflect light. Such fog machines tend to be more dependent on oil-based liquids other than the high water content of heat-based fog machines.

Third, the cheapest and simplest is the form of the fog machine, even by the essence, does not have to be a machine. This type of fog machines produces fog effect using solid CO2 (also known as dry ice). When dry ice melts at room temperature, it starts to form a misty smoke. Unlike other fog machines that hang or hang in the air, the mist formed by dry ice is cold and therefore remains below.

In some cases, this ideal is generally considered inferior to the other two types of fog machines, and dry ice is generally used only for home use or for those with limited budget.

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