What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 1
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No matter TV shows, YouTube views or live performances wizard numbers has always managed to attract attention throughout history. So much so that an event that seems impossible at that moment due to the current situation takes place with just a click of a finger by the magician; Or at least we think so.

Well, that’s what managed to enchant everyone the facts behind the wizard tricks what? How is it that magicians manage to surprise us every time, despite our close attention? In this content, the facts behind the magic tricks, small magic tricks you can do at home and we’ll take a closer look at how the most famous magician tricks are done.

Magic tricks you can do in your home:

  • Rubber pen trick
  • Magnetic pen trick
  • Magnet hand trick
  • Craft to destroy the glass
  • Bad card cheat

1. rubber pen trick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 2

This trick that many of us do in primary school is one of the most classic tricks of magic. When you hold the pen by the corner and shake it, a landscape appears as if it is made of rubber instead of wood. You don’t need to be a master magician to do this; it’s enough just to have a full grasp of the face and technique. For this, take the pen in your hand and take a little practice you need to do.

2. Magnetic pen trick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 3

pretty easy magnetic pen trick might sound pretty convincing to someone looking straight at you. A pen is all that is needed for this illusion trick. Also, a pen or bracelet to hold the pen at the wrist can help distract the audience, but is not a rule.

We start the trick by holding a pencil firmly in the palm of the hand. Then he grasps our other hand tightly by the wrist of the hand holding the pen, with our index finger, on the other hand, we hold the pen in a form that will not be visible from the opposite angle and the illusion number is completed. But if we want to withdraw our hand, as we mentioned above, we need a watch on the wrist or another pen that holds the pen in the palm made of rubber.

3. magnet hand trick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 4

When you perform this trick with several cards, the audience will think that “normal” playing cards magically stick to your hand, but of course, the cards will be rigged. For this, just a card in the form that will be seen above, right in the middle, a small cut can be squeezed in the middle of your fingers. your hack is required.

You squeeze this fraudulent card in the middle of your ring and middle finger from the ledge you cut, and you gather the other cards around it. As a result, the cards do not fall to the ground due to gravity, even if you turn your hand opposite because they are stuck under the trick card.

4. The trick to destroy the glass

Destroying things is one of the most classic tricks of magicians. Although master names such as David Copperfield destroy huge structures such as the Statue of Liberty, we will make a small contribution to the work. with destroying glass let’s get started. All you need for this trick is a glass, a ball (even a coin or any other random object you can find) and a cardboard or something similar.

For this trick, we first put our ball on the table and close our glass on it. Then, we surround the glass neatly with our cardboard on the side and close it in an invisible way. Then we slowly lift the cardboard that takes the shape of the glass, showing the audience that the ball is still there; but at this moment we slowly slide the glass from the edge of the table to the middle of our knees and bingo! The main thing here is to distract the audience properly and to do the trick quickly.

5. Opposite card trick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 5

A classic card trick other card

In the number there are some steps that you should follow carefully, unlike the ones above:

  • Before starting, secretly turn the bottom card of the deck so that it is the only card facing up.
  • Open the deck and ask the spectator to choose a card, but be careful not to reveal the bottom-faced card. Ask the spectator to remember the card they chose and show it to everyone else without letting you see it.
  • Turn the deck upside down in your hand while the audience messes with it. In this way, the entire deck, except the top card, is collected face up in your left hand.
  • Holding the deck tightly, place the selected card face down somewhere in the middle of the deck so as not to mislead the audience that the cards are reversed.
  • Take the deck to your back and tell the spectators that you will find the card without looking. Meanwhile, sneak the top card face up.
  • Then flip the deck until you meet the face down card. Finally, find the chosen card and show off a bit, showing the audience that it’s the chosen card.

Large scale magic tricks you can’t do at home

  • The trick of biting the coin in half
  • The trick to lose the Statue of Liberty
  • man trick with walking stick
  • 1 dollar to 100 dollar conversion trick
  • Walk on water trick
  • Sword swallow trick
  • The trick to cut the assistant in half

1. Trick of splitting a coin in half by biting it

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 6

We all wonder about the truth behind the magic tricks. In this trick, which is mostly used by street magicians, the magician asks one of the audience for a coin and gives it to him. tells. No one would think that the money would be fraudulent, since the person giving the money is actually a member of the public. But the magician does not actually bite the money given to him; instead, he bites the coin, which is actually shattered, but which was previously attached with a rubber or similar device. The main point here is to change the coins quickly, without being noticed by the audience.

2. Losing the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, a landmark of America and one of the most famous monuments on the continent. To destroy such a gigantic structure is not for every magician. Because David Copperfield’s His 1983 trick is still considered the most beautiful magic trick in history.

This number is attached to the platforms on either side of the front of the Statue of Liberty. a huge curtain was put on, and when the curtain fell, the monument suddenly disappeared. At that time, even a radar screen and dozens of cameras were used to convince the audience that the statue was lost.

One of the biggest secrets of this trick, the secret of which was revealed later, was that it was done at night. After the curtain was drawn, all the lights of the statue were turned off and Copperfield and the audience stood on it. platform moving slowly The viewer’s point of view has been changed. As for the radar devices, they were actually fake and used only to boost the dosage of the show.

3. Man trick with walking stick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 7

One of the most famous magic tricks man standing in the air with a cane

How is the number made? This magic trick is actually just an illusion. Although the system here looks like a cane because it is very well hidden, there are actually two more parts that are in contact with the ground and that the illusionist sits on, but are not visible. At this point, the illusionist wears loose clothes and covers the part underneath, while the part on the floor is made invisible with a cover or decorations.

4. How to convert 1 dollar to 100 dollars

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 8

When you know the secret converting 1 dollar to 100 dollars is actually not such a big deal. In this magic trick, the performer folds the 1 dollar bill he receives from the audience in a special way and after saying the magic words, 1 dollar turns into 100 dollars in an instant.

How to do this magic trick is actually quite easy: In the wizard, actually. previously folded in one-to-one procedure has a 100. At this point, the only thing the magician has to do is hide the 1 dollar he folded from the audience in the middle of his fingers and quickly replace it with the 100 dollar bill that is ready beforehand.

5. walking trick on water

It would not be wrong to say that this magic trick, which has no joke anymore, was once taking the whole world by storm. To do this trick a transparent platform hidden under water is being used. How effective the show will be here is up to the marketing skill of the magician.

6. Sword swallow trick

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 9

Sword swallowing is one of the most dangerous magic tricks. Since there is no random cheat here beginners should never try because attempts may end up in an undesirable form.

Here is the reason why magicians can easily swallow the sword practises the larynx muscles to swallow and their bodies so that the throat and stomach form a straight line. It should also be noted that both sides of the sword are blind.

7. The trick to cut the assistant in half

What's the Secret Behind the Wizard's Tricks? 10

your wizard dividing his assistant in half is one of the oldest magic tricks in history. All that is needed for this costly trick that professional magicians can do is a trick box that can be cut in half, a saw, an assistant, and another assistant hidden in the foot of the box, which the audience does not see.

In this trick, the magician helps his assistant get inside the box after introducing it to the audience. After the assistant enters the box with his head uncovered, previously hidden in the foot of the box

Another assistant puts his feet out of the box and from the outside, it seems that there is only one person inside the box. The next thing you know: The magician cuts the box, demonstrates it, and then puts the assistant back together.

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