Why Do Some Gamers Use Reverse Navigation Keys

Some gamers prefer to use the down arrow keys to look up when playing an open world or FPS game with the joystick. Ok, why?

Imagine playing an open-world game with a joystick. Would you use the down arrow key or the up arrow key to make your character lookup? If you say “I use the up arrow to look up”, we can say that you are in the majority. However, a considerable amount of players use the down arrow to look up. So why?

The Guardian investigated. Why some gamers use the opposite arrow keys.

There is no research that clearly explains why some players use the down arrow to look up, as it is a very specific issue. However, the British media organization The Guardian wondered about this issue and also interviewed expert neuroscientists and psychologists and published an article on this subject last February.

Which direction you press to look in which direction may be related to habits.

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The article in question gives two separate answers to the question of why some players use the down arrow to look up; perception of habit and game. According to the opinion that this trend is a habit, the only reason some players use the down arrow to look up is the first games they play.

According to this; Players who start playing games with simulation such as Flight Simulator, LucasArts X-Wing, Tie-Fighter or games that use the down arrow key to lookup by default, such as TimeSplitters 2, GoldenEye, Turok, adjust the routing settings in other games they play due to their habits. However, this theory is not fully accepted as it does not explain the desire of some players to reverse the Y-axis in the game settings, even if they do not have such a habit.

How you perceive the game, you manage your character the same way.

The second theory says that the way we perceive the game you decide which arrow pad to use to look up. Namely; The players, who put themselves in the position of the character they direct, use the up arrow to look up because they think they are directing the frame with the keys.

Players who use the down arrow key to look up, on the other hand, see themselves as a manager standing behind or above the character, outside the character. These players think that the character needs to tilt the head back to look up, and by pressing the down arrow button, they direct the character, not the image. Using the analog sticks on the joysticks to guide the character, players can see that when pulling the stick down, the analog makes the same movement as when we tilted our head back.

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The theory that suggests that which arrow key we use to look up is a perceptual difference, they cite the use of the touchpad on laptop computers as an example like this. Imagine having a web page in front of you. Do you swipe the touchpad up or down to see an item at the bottom of the page?

Users who think they are managing the screen use control in this direction thinking that the image will also go down when they slide their fingers down, while users who think that they are managing the page prefer to slide their fingers up to reach an item below, thinking that the page will move their finger in the direction they swipe.

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