Sound Huggle

We want to talk about a nice wireless headset that will protect your ears in cold weather conditions. The Sound Huggle named earphone, which collects funding support from the fundraising platform Indiegogo, offers the strength to withstand cold weather and a busy lifestyle. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, the headset protects your ears in cold weather.

Attracting attention with knitting patterns and colors, the headset allows both a quality sound and a comfortable music experience. Sound Huggle, a convenient headphone for running, traveling and walking, also offers a comfortable use when wearing a hat or helmet thanks to its flexible strap. The headphone with a frequency response range of 20-20 kHz also has wireless capability. Wireless communication with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.1 can be charged via microUSB.

Sound Huggle bumps with different colors

When the battery is fully charged, up to 7 hours of music playback, up to 9 hours of talk time, and headset charging in 1.5 hours. A total of $ 10,000 in fund support is required to generate the ear that comes with different color options. If Sound Huggle collects enough funding support, it will be presented to the likes of style enthusiasts in March of next year. Let’s say you can have 117 dolars if you are providing fund support to the headset at the moment.

A small quote from Sound Huggle’s Team;

We were aware that we really had to get the sound to deliver a truly headset experience. Jason’s experience as a professional DJ in Los Angeles and Hong Kong in the last decade has informed the sound design of Sound Huggle, his in-depth experience of sound mixing and acoustics. Imagine that you close your eyes because sharp vocals, warm tones and clean bass are acoustically delivered at high volume without distortion. Confident that this loyalty will appeal to hip-hop lovers, EDM fans and classical music experts.

While waiting for the models to come out in the coming days, the best selling wireless headphones

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