Amazon DeepLens

Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed Google’s camera similar to the Clips camera. Amazon DeepLens is being introduced as “the world’s first deep-learning video camcorder“.

Amazon’s new machine learning service for developers and DeepLens wireless camcorder is a sign that you are accelerating your work in artificial intelligence. Amazon SageMaker stands out as a fully managed service designed for developers to rapidly build, train, distribute and direct their own machine learning models. The system eliminates the difficulties and assumptions of the machine learning process, making it easy to build and train models with pre-built development books, popular machine learning algorithms optimized for petabyte scale data sets, and automatic model adjustment. SageMaker, which facilitates and accelerates the training process, can include one-click models generation.

Amazon DeepLens, a deep-learning camera, is being introduced as a product to support developers learning and experimenting. The device is designed to bring together a set of tutorials, eg, a device with source code and integration, and AWS’s know-how to give them hands-on experience in model building, training and distribution. DeepLens is aimed at providing practical machine learning experience. This developer-centric end-user product offers a wide range of connectivity options. Micro HDMI, two USB, dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity are on the body. The camera with 4 GB memory stores 1080p resolution images. The camcorder that works with Ubuntu has 8 GB of RAM. Amazon sales price $ 249.00

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