Xbox makes fun of the PS5

Xbox makes fun of the PS5 – and hits a sore spot

Both Sony and Microsoft rely on similar hardware for the Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Nevertheless, the consoles differ greatly in some respects. The Xbox marketing boss recently made fun of a competitor’s weakness – and hit the bull’s eye.

PS5 weak point? Transfer of saved statuses in the pillory

One of the features that Microsoft repeatedly advertises shortly before and after the release of its new Xbox Series consoles is Smart Delivery. The function allows you to easily transfer your saved games from the old consoles to the new ones. On the PlayStation 5, on the other hand, it doesn’t work quite as smoothly in some cases, as a tweet from Aaron Greenberg – Xbox Marketing Director – shows. This is a screenshot of the instructions for the savegame transfer of Marvel’s Avengers:

PS5 players must first launch the fully patched PS4 version of the game on their PS4 or download and install it on their PS5. You can then upload your score in the game menu. Now you can start the PS5 version and download the saved data again in the menu. The savegame should then be available on the PS5. Pretty awkward.

Smart delivery: is it going to make moving consoles a breeze?

Xbox promises a seamless transition between console generations with Smart Delivery – but is that true? The fact is, Smart Delivery ensures that your old games are also available on the new consoles and that you always get the right game version for your console. So when you play Series X, it will automatically download the next-gen version of a game, if there is one.

What you shouldn’t forget, however: Smart Delivery is currently not available for all games. Although the portfolio of compatible games is now quite high, as a look at the official site reveals, games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, FIFA 21, The Division 2, or Devil May Cry 5 still have to be without Smart Delivery get along. The console move is not completely worry-free, even on the new Xbox Series consoles.

Nevertheless, Xbox is way ahead of PlayStation 5 on this point. It is not yet known whether Sony has a similar feature in the works, or whether users continue to have to grapple with the rather cumbersome transfer of scores. CGH will keep you updated.

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