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We are here with Microsoft’s Xbox One X review, which has made the new move in Console Wars. Microsoft has met with fans of console gaming with the most powerful hardware out to date. Let’s see if the Xbox One X is a caliber device that can meet expectations and attract users.

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Microsoft’s highly anticipated game console Xbox One X finally took its place in our test center. We were too impatient to experience the game console where we were also present at the launch of America and where we were posting an article entitled “Who Should Buy” and still have not published yet.

The features that the Xbox One X promised were quite ambitious. Microsoft, which has been selling the most powerful gaming console ever made with its hardware, defines the Xbox One X as a “next generation” console. As you already know from the name, Xbox One is part of the family. However, One X is renovating both its design and its hardware as well as its capabilities and creating a “next generation” device effect. Let’s examine the performance of the device from the design of the device to the interface in detail.


At first glance, the Xbox One model unfortunately did not offer the user a glimpse at first. Extremely thick, big box was the Xbox One. We do not have a word to say the terrible fan gaps on top. The Xbox One S has earned our compact size. “In fact, the design was what it was supposed to be.” Apparently we were wrong. That’s because the design that’s supposed to be right now is coming out with Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Review

First of all, the Xbox One X is smaller than the One S, but there is no incredible difference. We are not even sure if this difference is understandable without even seeing the two at once. On the other hand, the dark gray color of the Xbox One X is obviously very noble as well as white. The smooth, flat body design is preferred on the One X, which is a huge plus. The device that survives the ventilation holes in One S looks like a very stylish television unit. The next-generation cooling system also plays a role in this improvement in design. Apart from all this, the classic front has a button for USB input and Blu-ray disc output, and a link on the back. You can find the connections that the device supports in the technical specifications section.

Xbox One X is currently available in two versions. One is a straight dark gray model and the other is Project Scorpio. This second model gets the code addin used prior to the introduction of the name device. Both models have the same configuration and sales price. However, the Scorpio model is limited production and you can see Project Scorpio in green on both the unit and the control. The change is only cosmetic. We have studied the Scorpio model of the device, so let’s do it. The only difference from the classic version of the Project Scorpio is the appearance of a special stand that you can position the device upright from the box contents. You can also buy this stand separately. To mention a bit more about the box content, if you are getting an Xbox for the first time, you will not be “game-free” when you open the box. A 30-day Game Pass and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold come out of the box. We will return here for gameplay, we will return to this topic in the future.

Xbox One X Review


The most important feature that distinguishes Xbox One X from its competitor is that it can provide a true 4K experience. The console, which also polishes it with HDR, makes “show” on 4K HDR television. Delivering a visually rich and fulfilling experience, Xbox One X can keep the FPS stationary at 60 in real 4K games. In other words, it can realize the title of “the most powerful game console in the world”. Hey, hey, this is great. At this point, however, it places a great deal of responsibility on the game developers. Because the Xbox One X only offers this hardware. So the developer has to develop the game 4K so that you can get full performance from the device. For example, Forza Motorsport 7 offers a constant 60 fps experience at 4K. But this does not mislead you. You do not need a 4K monitor or TV to use your Xbox One X. You can also experience a more advanced visual experience with a 1080p camera because the console can improve the picture on these screens. On the other hand, we can not say that the console is very quiet when it is running. It’s surprisingly quiet even at work.

Console Wars Xbox One X Review 1

Of course the technical details that provide the performance of the device should also be mentioned very briefly without strangling. The Xbox One X has an 8-core AMD processor running at 2.3 GHz. The processor with 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM is accompanied by 3 GB of RAM allocated to the operating system. The 9 GB part is for games. The most prominent point of the device that offers 1 TB of internal memory is that it has 6 Teraflop GPUs. If you remember, this value was 4.2 in PS4 Pro. You also understand why the device is so assertive. But if the technical details do not mean anything, let’s talk a bit more about experience.

Xbox One X Review

During the gaming experience we did not observe any fps drop on the device. Apart from that, the device is also very fast between menu passes. We have witnessed visual performance on a 4K HDR-equipped TV and have experienced it on a very mundane monitor, which is not a very solid console. We do not hear much about the experience of 4K HDR-enabled TV because 4K performance makes a big difference. However, in ordinary monitor, the device is very successful in visualization. While playing Battlefront II, I could not see much vivid colors due to an HDR effect, but the image quality was quite high. So if “4K does not mean the Xbox One X is very meaningless” sense is completely bullshit. Let’s add that graphical updates to the games that are directed towards the stars are gradually coming.

Xbox One X Review


If you are a Windows 10 user, the Xbox One X interface will be more familiar to you. It has both positive and negative aspects. Plus, you realize that when you turn on your device you are not on a completely foreign platform. This gives the user a sense of confidence. If you’ve already bought one from the Windows Store, both on the Xbox and on the PC, you can also view your data directly on the Xbox One X. Of course you have to use the same account on both devices. On the other hand, the interface of the Xbox One X offers a lot. If you are using the device for the first time, you may need some time to navigate. Of course the Turkish interface made it easier to use. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Cortana because Cortana does not offer Turkish language support. You can easily find what you are looking for in the Store on the device using the Windows Store. As you are already typing the name of the application or game, the store lists possible options. On the other hand, if you have Games Pass, Live Gold or EA Access, you can also access them from their separate lists. All you have to do to view these lists is to click on the Xbox icon on the top of the sleeve and select My Games and Applications.

Speaking of applications, Xbox One X also benefits from the applications that Windows 10 offers. We downloaded apps like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch to the device. We have not observed any problems, hangs, or shutdowns while running the apps. Thus, the device stands out as a comprehensive multimedia tool.

One of our favorite features was to transfer it to the game PC. Let’s explain this as follows. You do not need a headset to play Xbox One X. So let’s say it was evening and we were going to watch a series, a movie or a match. In this case, if you do not have a television in your room, you have to say goodbye to the game. With One X, you can continue from where you left off. It does not need to be working on the PC for that. The game works in the Xbox, but the image is transferred wirelessly to your computer. We want to draw attention here, it is very difficult to play games like this if the computer and Xbox are not connected to the internet via Ethernet cable. Even if you set it at the lowest setting, there is too much fps drop. Ideally, both are connected by an Ethernet cable. Another point is the quality of the ADSL device. A good experience with a very average experience is very difficult.

Xbox One X Games

Do you have a game?

The biggest problem the Xbox is experiencing is this question: Is there a game? It is obvious that this point is the “console exclusive” game which is referred to as “exclusive”. Let me tell you in advance if you are looking for the answer to this question; No no special games. It is not possible that it already happens. Because the Microsoft cross platform gives weight to the games that are considered “special” games for PC and Xbox One. When you buy these games from the PC’s Windows Store, you can play both on the Xbox and on the PC. Obviously, we are nice to give the player freedom. But unfortunately the rival can not change the fact that “exclusive” games are very attractive.

On the other hand, there is a game on the Xbox. Even when we open the box, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Game Pass and Live Gold memberships are coming. Live Gold “trial” version. It’s only 14 days. During the month, 2 Xbox One and 2 Xbox 360 games. The game is yours when you add the game to your library. Live Gold also stands out at discounted game purchases. Game Pass is a game library that is presented to you. It is not too extensive because it is a new system but it is expanding. Both 360 and One games coexist. Live Gold and Game Pass Cinsten will make you happy if you are not in the area as soon as you exit the games. Let’s make a little addition here with EA Access. This is a monthly subscription to EA’s games. However, if you have EA Access, you can access the trial version of EA’s many new games. It may interest those who say “I do not play games”.

The biggest minus of the device is the absence of exclusive games. But the price is too complicated for many users. With a starting price of $ 499.00, the Xbox One X doubles its competitor’s price as well as features. Today, however, when the PC is no longer a bundle, the Xbox One X is at the forefront for anyone who needs a high-end device. Because installing a computer with similar hardware from scratch is not possible at a price of $ 499.00 with the rising prices of hardware parts. For this reason, it seems more logical for PC gamers to shift to the Xbox One X. On the other hand, if you say “I have to be an exclusive,” the Xbox One X will not make you happy. Here’s the Xbox One X review content. Finally, let’s take a look at the views of our editor.

Haluk Cetin Founder / President
Haluk Cetin

Editorial Reviews

Xbox One X offers a powerful gaming computer as a compact console that will not be able to collect this price in the current economy. The fact that the console is not a private game is still a question mark by the players. However, there is a device that one should give the players a chance to play with.

Technicial Specifications

• 2.3 GHz, 8-core AMD processor
• 6 Teraflop GPU
Disc reader
• 4K UHD Blu-ray reader
• HDMI input, HDMI output, 3 x USB 3.0 (1 front), Ethernet, Wireless IEEE 802.11ac dual band (5GHz & 2.4GHz)
Box contents
• Xbox One X, Xbox wireless controller, HDMI cable, power cord, 1 month Xbox Game Pass, 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial
• 30 x 24 x 6 cm
• 3,81 kg


$ 499.00

Plus / Minus

+ Design, real 4K experience, powerful hardware, boxed gift subscriptions
  Console no special game

Xbox One X Review

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