Xbox series: prototypes show how big the consoles actually are

Xbox series

We’ve already seen video and images from the upcoming Xbox series, but it’s still difficult to really imagine how big it is compared to previous models. That will change now thanks to the sending of prototypes.

Xbox Series X: A comparison to the last generation

Microsoft’s new Xbox range is set to become the company’s new battleship, and if it’s really as good as it’s touted, it won’t disappoint fans. Microsoft made us wait a long time, but we now also know the price of the consoles, know when they will appear and have already seen numerous pictures and videos about them.

In the last few days, some prototypes have been sent to streamers and editorial offices to give an impression of the actual size of the consoles. Kevin Kenson has also received some and presents them in an extensive video, which of course we do not want to withhold from you.

If you’d like to find out more about the next-gen consoles, we recommend our handy overview.

Xbox series: where does it fit?

The new consoles from Microsoft literally have it all and of course the technology has to be stowed away properly. The dimensions are correspondingly large, which could make positioning in your living room a challenge.

The Xbox Series X is obviously designed primarily for vertical orientation and at 151 mm × 151 mm × 301 mm (W × D × H) and weighing 4.45 kg, it is so large that it is difficult to put it in compartments or to set up smaller shelves. But if you don’t care about the look, you can also put the console down and save some space.

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But don’t worry, comparing the new generation to the old shows that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in and of themselves aren’t as huge as you might think. What do you think of the consoles when you see them in direct comparison? Please write to us in the Facebook comments.

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