Xbox Series S Mini Console

Xbox Series S

There have been many rumors about the cheap alternative of the Xbox Series X in the recent past. Now finally Microsoft officially unveils the Xbox Series S. In addition, a Twitter user leaks a video about the mini-console.

The Xbox Series S is finally official

The Xbox Series S, often called a mini-console, has now been officially confirmed by Microsoft. The console manufacturer finally reveals the design, price and name of the cheap alternative to the Xbox Series X on Twitter: Xbox DACH

The compact Xbox will cost 299 euros and, contrary to its larger model, the Xbox Series X, will not appear in the classic black color. Like competitor Sony with the PlayStation 5, it will also be released in white. It is possible that there will be other model variants with different color options in the future.

Microsoft has not been able to elicit further information so far, but they promise that new information will come soon. We may have an Xbox event ahead of us where we will learn more about the “mini console”.

Xbox Series S video leaked on Twitter

Even if Microsoft does not want to disclose any further information so far, Twitter user WalkingCat (@ h0x0d) could not contain himself and shared the following video:

The Xbox Series S will enable gaming with a resolution of 1440p and up to 120 FPS and rely on ray tracing. The biggest difference to the big brother of the Xbox Series X is the lack of a drive. The Series S is the most compact Xbox ever to leave Microsoft’s factories and is 60 percent smaller than the Xbox Series X.

After months of secrecy about prices and release dates of the upcoming consoles, Microsoft makes the advance and presents the Xbox Series S. Now all that is missing is the information about the Xbox Series X, possibly Sony and the PS5 will come before them. We are excited!

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