Xbox Series X gamers celebrate the console's startup sound

There are only four weeks until you can hold the Xbox Series X in your hands and hear the start-up sound of the console for the first time. Wait a minute, you can already do that and that is being celebrated hard by players at the moment.

Xbox Series X already arrived at him

Lamarr Wilson travels a lot on social media and is obviously very popular with gamers because of his funny nature. That was not hidden from Xbox either, and so they gave the likable YouTuber a console in advance. Not only does it entertain him, but he also shares the joy with his followers, at least for a brief moment.

The Xbox Series S is already cheaper.

Xbox Series X: This is what it sounds like when it boots up

It’s a phenomenon, but since the start of the console generations, it’s been a special moment when the console boots up and the epic sound plays. That was the case with the PlayStation 1 and the first Xbox. In the meantime, we have reached next-gen and have to wait a little longer before we can start the consoles ourselves.

Thanks to Lamarr Wilson, we can already hear the famous startup sound and that is not only recognized and celebrated by him, but also by the community, as you can read from the comments on Twitter.

If you want more information about the upcoming Xbox series, we recommend our handy overview.

How do you like the sound when you hear it here for the first time? Have you already pre-ordered the console and if so, which one of the series? Please write to us in the Facebook comments.

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