Do you have burning questions about the price and release of the Xbox Series X? We have summarized all known information about the next-gen console clearly and provide you with the answers.

The Xbox Series X is to usher in a new era of “next-gen” gaming. So that you are always up to date in advance, we give you in this article a clear overview of the most important information about the price and release of the Xbox Series X – but also the design of the console is not neglected.

Xbox Series X Price & Release:

The Xbox Series X price has not yet been officially announced by Microsoft. However, experts believe that the Xbox Series X will be priced at $ 599.00. The Xbox Series S is said to be priced at $ 499.00.

The exact release date of the Xbox Series X is also not yet known. The official release period is the end of 2020. Microsoft will presumably launch the XSX in November 2020.

Xbox Series X Price: How Much Will Xbox Series X Cost?

Just like competitor Sony, Microsoft has not yet said a word about the price of the Xbox Series X. Of course, the rumor mill is simmering here too and one or the other tip has already been dropped.

The latest leaks show that the price of the Xbox Series X will probably be $ 599.00. How high the price of the smaller version Xbox Series S could be is also still pure speculation. Taking into account all factors and previous knowledge, we assume that the price of the Xbox Series S could be $ 499.00.

In the past, the Xbox One was priced higher than the PS4 with a starting price. However, the Xbox One also contained accessories in the form of the Kinect.

If you are longingly waiting for information on pre-orders, you are welcome to take a look at our practical pre-order article, where we will inform you about the best offers when the go-ahead is given. Or have a look at Amazon, where the Xbox Series X is already listed:

Xbox Series X Release: When will Xbox Series X arrive?

Unfortunately, you have to be patient for this message, at least as far as the exact publication date is concerned. As for the PS5, the release period of the Xbox Series X is already known. Xbox Series X will be released in November 2020 to take away the upcoming holiday shopping season.

When is the next announcement for Xbox Series X?

Microsoft’s plan is to hold an Xbox Series X event every month. Regular live streams appear on Xbox’s YouTube channel under the name Xbox 20/20.

The last event took place on July 23rd. In the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft mainly presented games from its own studios and was able to convince with a total of 22 launch games.

Xbox Series X Design: What does the Xbox Series X look like?

In contrast to its competitor Sony, Microsoft took the first step with the Xbox and unveiled the console’s design. It has been known what the home console will look like since December 2019.

If you want to see the Xbox Series X premiere with your own eyes, watch this trailer:

Xbox Series X – World Premiere – 4K Trailer

In terms of color, Microsoft remains true to the scheme of its predecessor Xbox One, but some things have changed in structure. The Xbox Series X, like the PS5, skyrockets. The chunky and large design of the console has already caused laughs and made a number of comparisons with refrigerators or other devices.

The reason for the now unwieldy exterior of the home console is due to the high level of performance inside. More power requires more energy and, above all, space for heat dissipation.

In addition to the design of the Xbox Series X, a “mini-version” of the console is expected. This bears the project name Xbox Lockhart or is often referred to as Xbox Series S.

A Microsoft insider has revealed that the Xbox Lockhart should cost half the price of the Xbox Series X. It should also be much smaller in size and design and only be available as a digital version.

A recent tweet from an industry insider also reveals details about the performance and speed of the mini version. Accordingly, it should be just as fast as the Xbox Series X due to the built-in CPU, but come with a weaker GPU and therefore probably not offer full 4K resolution.

The unveiling of the Xbox Series S is due to take place in August, according to other sources. We will inform you when more details about the event to become known.

Latest pictures of the Xbox Series X

Just recently, Xbox released another video with a detailed view of the Series X. The simple design of the console comes into its own and is rather inconspicuous apart from the green highlights:

Xbox Series X: Price & Release - Current information about the console 1
The Xbox Series X and the associated controller seem to want to convince with the performance and not with the appearance.

The well-known Xbox logo must of course not be missing and is also simply placed at the top of the Series X:

Xbox Series X: Price & Release - Current information about the console 2
The Xbox Series X logo could do with more color, but Microsoft is keeping it subtle.

However, the console manufacturer dares to use more color on the upper ventilation opening of the Xbox – the typical green shines out towards you:

Xbox Series X: Price & Release - Current information about the console 3
The upper holes of the Xbox Series X are very reminiscent of a PC model.

The exterior of the Xbox Series is largely known and will probably not hold any surprises in store, if so, we will show you new pictures here.

Xbox Series X: Important Information and Details

It is in the room that the interface and dashboard of the Xbox Series should stay the same. In addition to minor improvements such as loading times, Microsoft is orienting itself towards its predecessor, Xbox One.

One service that could place the Xbox Series X clearly in front of the PS5 is Smart Delivery. This tool allows you to upgrade games that you have already purchased for the Xbox One, for example, to the upcoming console, completely free of charge. The current selection includes 14 games, which is very likely to be expanded.

Not only that you can transfer games of the previous generation that you have already purchased to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has also made sure that many games appear in new splendor. The console giant has optimized many favorites for the next-gen.

The possibility to experience unlimited games seems to be a big concern for Microsoft. Thanks to the PC beta app, the company is now able to make the wide world of the PC game cosmos accessible to gamers. Rumors suggest that it will be possible with the Xbox Series X to access the Steam and “Epic Games” stores.

A special feature and almost a rarity of the “Xbox Series X” controller are the replaceable AA batteries that are supposed to supply the pad with enough energy. This shows great flexibility but is likely to be unusual for many players. Integrated batteries are still the standard.

The Series X controller will allow you to easily switch between all your devices, whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

A burning question that should keep many console gamers busy: What about the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series X? This will be available for all four generations and thus offer the largest possible selection of games from past years.

The developers of the Xbox SX seem to be particularly proud of the inner values ​​of their console, especially the power of the processor.

Games will flicker across the screen at up to 120 frames per second and in 4K. The fast loading times thanks to the built-in 1TB SSD will enable you to switch seamlessly between your favorite games – without major interruptions.

The Xbox Series X also advertises with ray tracing, which is supposed to provide beautiful graphics. Take a look at what ray-tracing can do:

It will be a while until the release of the Xbox Series X, until then we will keep you up to date and give you an overview. Which questions are you particularly interested in about the upcoming console? Please write to us with these in the comments.

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